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Citizens Property Insurance Corporation Depopulation Process


Through the depopulation process new or existing private insurance companies can assume policies currently covered by Louisiana Citizens Property Insurance Corporation (Louisiana Citizens) and renew their coverage on the Safepoint Insurance Company policy forms.

Through this process, Louisiana Citizens can transfer policies back to the private insurance market. This benefits all property owners by preventing or reducing assessments charged to all property insurance consumers.


The assumption date for this year is December 1. This is the date when Safepoint Insurance Company will assume the approved policies from Louisiana Citizens Property Insurance Corporation. The procedures and dates to effect this assumption are incorporated into the steps below:

  • Step 1. Safepoint may request, for purposes of depopulation and subject to an appropriate confidentiality agreement, an initial data file of policies currently in force and eligible for assumption through Louisiana Citizens. Using this data file, Safepoint will identify those policies it wishes to take out.
  • Step 2. After selection of the “take out” policies, in accordance with LSA-R.S. 22:1474, Safepoint must secure approval from the current agent to assume the business. Between September 1st and October 31st, Safepoint will work with agents to seek final agent approval on individual policies. To facilitate the agent authorization process, Citizens’ web portal will be used, which can be accessed through the Louisiana Citizens’ website, Insurers will access the portal through a secure log in and ‘request’ the policies they wish to assume. The portal will be made available to insurers on October 2nd. This portal will be available to agents on October 31st. Agents can access the portal and authorize one company to assume each of their policies. While agents may represent multiple depopulation insurers they will not authorize an individual policy to more than one depopulation company. Agents should not authorize any policies which do not meet the insurer’s underwriting standards and should remain with Citizens.
  • Step 3. Insurers must have their companies’ Form A and Rates and Regulations approved and be approved to do business in Louisiana by the Louisiana Department of Insurance, on or before October 1st.
  • Step 4. Access to the portal to make changes will be terminated on October 31st – 14 (fourteen) days prior to the policies being transferred to the insurer. LCPIC will examine the data, check to remove any policies that are not in force, and mark the producer approved policies for take-out with the appropriate depopulation company. This list will be sent to the companies on or around November 20th.
  • Step 5. The assuming insurer shall mail a certificate of assumption to each assumed policyholder confirming the assumption. This certificate shall be mailed between November 25th and November 30th, and the agent should be copied. The certificate needs prior approval of both the Louisiana Department of Insurance and Louisiana Citizens. A separate letter to the insured and producer will also be mailed from Louisiana Citizens, informing them of the assumption. On November 20th Louisiana Citizens will issue Assumption Agreements to the depopulation companies covering the selected policies. The assumption agreement must be reviewed and approved by the Louisiana Department of Insurance. The Assumption Agreements will be effective December 1st. Depopulation insurers will be responsible for the handling of losses on their assumed policies from December 1st. Louisiana Citizens will continue to renew any assumed policies on their paper until March 1st when depopulation carriers will provide replacement policies on their paper.
  • Step 6. Any policyholder wishing to ‘opt out’ of the assumption and remain with Louisiana Citizens can do so till February 28th. This gives the policyholder ninety (90) days after their policy has been assumed. The producer shall complete and sign the Request to Continue Coverage Form available on our website to effect a policyholder opt out.


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